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Resources for Progressive Candidates


RTBiQ Political is dedicated to empowering progressive candidates and causes up and down the ballot, no matter what the size of their budget. In addition to our powerful digital media buying platform and advertising services, we also offer free educational resources.

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Connected TV White Paper

It’s a fast-growing format that delivers high-impact. Learn why more and more brands are adopting non-linear television advertising, and what the future has in store for connected television.

Download the free white paper today and get into the next wave of engaging advertising.

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Audio White Paper

What makes programmatic audio such an engaging medium for advertising? The answer lies in a foundation of audio’s effect on the human mind, creating an engaged, intimate connection.

If you're wondering if audio is the right format for your campaign strategy, start here.

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Intro to Social Media Moderating

With diligent moderation, your social pages have the potential to foster an online community where voters can share opinions, ask questions, and perhaps evolve from a follower to an advocate.

Get insider tips from our own Social Media Response Team on maintaining control of the conversation, including:

  • Evaluating when to step into or step out of a thread

  • Dealing with troll accounts

  • Tools for organizing your internal social media team

  • Voter engagement strategies from winning campaigns


Website Tagging Guide

Learn how to implement tags into your campaign website code to track visitors and see what messages and advertising investments are really engaging voters.

No matter what platform was used to build your website, WordPress, ActBlue, Squarespace, NationBuilder, you can integrate tags into your website code.

Not a tech expert? Don't worry, our step-by-step guide does not require any coding experience or paid services to get started.