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Best-in-class digital advertising for winning campaigns


RTBiQ Political supported history-making campaigns in some of the most critical races of the 2018 election cycle and continues to support progressive candidates and causes across the US.

With our cutting-edge technology, we build solutions for political campaigns, to help deliver your message to the right voters at any time, on any device and format. See how our digital advertising and social media services made all the difference in the path to victory.


Election highlights

London Breed greets reporters before giving her first speech as mayor-elect on June 13, 2018.  Photo by Lorin Eleni Gill.

London Breed greets reporters before giving her first speech as mayor-elect on June 13, 2018. Photo by Lorin Eleni Gill.


London Breed for Mayor of San Francisco 2018

RTBiQ Political helped London Breed’s message of hope, inclusiveness and city unity reach voters across all devices and platforms. Our team's dedicated social media management offered voters a personal connection to the campaign and strengthened Breed's reputation as "A Mayor for ALL San Franciscans."

June 2018’s special election was an incredibly close race, decided by a small number of individuals in key districts. RTBiQ Political's targeted engagement made the most out of every advertising dollar by reaching the right voters at the right times. 


Yes on Proposition E: "SF Kids vs Big Tobacco"

RTBiQ Political proudly backed SF Kids vs Big Tobacco on June 2018’s Yes on Prop. E, a measure approved by 68.4% of San Francisco voters to end the sale of candy-flavored tobacco products, including menthol. 

RJ Reynolds, the tobacco industry Goliath behind Camel, Newport, and other top-selling brands, poured $12 million into the No on E campaign to protect their profits, while the Yes on E campaign spent just under $2.3 million. Big Tobacco's money bought a flood of mailers and screen time, but it couldn't buy the RTBiQ Political team. Despite being outspent, our team drove the conversation through effective SEO/SEM, social media management and responsive monitoring, as well as online and in-app display ads.

Yes on A-Logo-Sign-Strengthen the Seawall for Earthquakes and Disasters - full size.png

Yes on Proposition A: "Strengthen the Seawall"

San Francisco Proposition A successfully passed with 82.7% of the vote. More than 100 years old, the Embarcadero Seawall is at high risk for severe damage or failure if and when a major earthquake hits the area. The passing of November 2018’s Proposition A allows San Francisco to issue up to $425 million in bonds to strengthen the seawall. RTBiQ was at the heart of the digital campaign for Yes on Proposition A.

Providing a wide array of digital services from social media monitoring, content creation, website design, and programmatic advertising, RTBiQ played an integral role in spreading awareness of the unseen infrastructure and crucial need to pass Proposition A.


Partner Organizations

The social team was an invaluable supplement to our fieldwork throughout the campaign. While we were hitting the streets, they were engaging the community online with compelling content and answers to real voter’s questions. They worked around the clock to control the narrative, amplifying our supporters and asserting our message over the opposition’s misinformation.
— Larry Tramutola, political consultant and author of Sidewalk Strategies