Digital Slate Card

Digital Slate Card


Amplify your reach with digital slate cards. 

Digital slate cards allow your organization to easily share endorsements with voters via email, text message, and all social media and messaging platforms.

People bring their phones everywhere, including into the voting booth. Digital slate cards provide a convenient way for voters to reference your endorsement list whether they are casting their ballot in person or voting by mail. 

With a price point cheaper than print, digital slate cards are a valuable political tool that ensures your organization’s endorsements are readily accessible to a large number of voters. 

Get a custom, ready-to-share digital slate card with your organization's endorsements, logo, and brand color for just $5.

Save money. Share efficiently. Get out the vote.

The digital slate cards can include as many races as needed, there's no limit.

The digital slate card is in the form of a PK pass, a type of file that's made to be stored in Apple and Android mobile wallets. 

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