Big Data Bundle

Big Data Bundle

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Big Data Bundle

Tier 2A: 2012-2018 Historical election results and turnout

Maps and graphic visualizations of the results of San Francisco elections over the past six years, including all candidates and measures on the City/County ballot and selected state candidates and propositions. Turnout maps and historic comparisons by election top-line. Past years are added on a regular basis; we aim to include 1995 to present by Summer 2019.

Tier 2C: 2012-2018 Historical Turnout Explorer

Get deeper into the data and look at maps of late reports, turnout comparisons between elections with similar top-lines, and how the vote-by-mail fraction has changed with time.

Tier 2F: 2016-2018 Ranked Choice Explorer

San Francisco’s unusual ranked-choice system is an underutilized resource of elections data and analysis. Explore recent elections round-by-round and see how the elimination of candidates benefits continuing candidates in a map-based explorer.