Every Direct Mail Drop Needs a Digital Companion

Summer 2018 is winding down, which means it’s time to pack away the beach supplies, send the kids back to school, and of course, start planning your campaign’s direct mail drops. You know how expensive these campaigns are, so why not get your full money’s worth? For a small fraction of the cost, you can multiply the effect of your direct mailer with a companion digital campaign.

For decades, marketers have stood by the “rule of seven,” or the theory that a message must be seen seven times before it's remembered and motivates action. With all the distractions busy voters now face, efficient frequency of messaging has risen to fifteen or more touch points. Pairing digital with direct mail helps your message get the visibility needed to drive action without breaking your advertising budget.

Digital and Direct Mailing: The Perfect Pairing

digital loves direct mail.png

Digital companion campaigns deploy before your mailer to prime your message and boost name recognition, on the day-of to raise visibility, and after your mailer arrives to reinforce the message and increase retention. Our digital campaigns target the same voter file used in direct mailing, ensuring your message reaches the right voters with frequency necessary to ensure retention and inspire action.

Monica de la Cruz