Introducing our Exclusive San Francisco Voter Affinity Model

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San Francisco Democrats come in every shade of blue, each unique in the political issues and values that motivate their voting behavior. If you're assuming voters’ priorities based on party-geo-demo data, you could be missing the mark on critical audiences and wasting your advertising dollars. Instead, listen to the messages voters have been sending at the polls all along, and trust past behavior as the best indicator of future behavior.

RTBiQ Political has developed a first-of-its-kind voter propensity model which provides granular, nuanced insights into voter sentiment on twelve of San Francisco's central political issues. 

Drawn from public voting records over five years, our model offers precinct-by-precinct views of voting history on all ballot measures and city-wide candidate elections and identifies consistent concentrations of voter affinity at the neighborhood level.

Applications for a Smarter Campaign

Say your campaign wants to send a "safer streets" message featuring an endorsement from Chief of Police Bill Scott. We'll provide a complete list of precincts stack-ranked by voter propensity for public safety and better resourced police. We use this data in combination with precise voter file targeting to deliver your message in any format (video, display, audio) to an ideal audience across all their favorite devices.

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Just want the data? No Problem.

If you're not interested in using voter affinity data for ad targeting, there's another easy, affordable way to get your hands on it. We offer full access to precinct-by-precinct election history and voter values for the entire city of San Francisco on an annual subscription basis (billed monthly), so you can make better-informed decisions on political strategy. Data subscription is flexible option for campaigns and consultants not currently advertising with us, as subscribers are not required to use RTBiQ Political as their digital vendor.

For questions about data subscription pricing, please email