How to use digital advertising tactics to measure your direct mail efforts

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As any political consultant knows, direct mail is a crucial part of any campaign.  However, one major problem with direct mail is it’s hard to measure the results of a single direct mail piece in real time. After all, once you send out a direct mail piece, it’s not like you know if a person actually looked at the mail piece or just threw it in the recycle bin. How does one measure the results/response of a direct mail piece then?

Enter Digital Marketing! Below are three tips and tricks for how Digital Marketing can help amplify your political direct mail results:

 Include a URL link on your mail piece

Including a URL link that links to a specific landing page is a great way to measure a direct mail piece’s impact. Simply create a custom landing page for your campaign website for a specific mail piece, and include the link on that mail piece. Once your mail is sent out, you can measure its results by checking out how many people visited your landing page. 

Monitor your search traffic 

Analyzing your search traffic is another effective way to measure your direct mail results. After sending out a direct mail piece, keep track of the send date and monitor your website traffic (via Google Analytics) in the following days. More specifically, use Google Analytics to find out how many people visited your website via organic search i.e. meaning they looked up the website themselves without clicking on a paid search ad. Ideally, your mail piece should also include the keywords your website’s SEO is trying to target. If you see a bump in organic search traffic to your website, that means your direct mail piece was compelling! 

Have a strong CTA that links to a web page:

Similar to our first tip, you want to include a URL link on your mail piece. However, instead of linking to a customized landing page, link it to a page where you want recipients to take an action. For example, if you want recipients to donate money to your campaign, include a link to your website’s donation page on the mail piece. You’ll then be able to tell if your piece was effective by monitoring your donations after the mail piece’s sent date.  

As you can tell then, there are many ways digital marketing tools can magnify your direct mail efforts. Contrary to popular notions, digital advertising and physical direct mail can work hand in hand to get the best results for your political campaign! 

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